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Details Foundations-of-Probability-Theory-Statistical-Inference-and-Statistical-Theories-of-Science-Volume-II-Foundations-and-Philosophy-of-Statistical-Ontario-Series-in-Philosophy-of-Science

No Foundations of Probability Theory, Statistical Inference, and Statistical Theories of Science: Foundations and Philosophy of Statistical Inference v. 2 Read a customer review or write one .

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Details Statistical-Bioinformatics-with-R

Statistical Bioinformatics Provides coverage of complex statistical methods in context with applications in bioinformatics. This book integrates biological, statistical and computational concepts. It includes R & SAS code. It presents Bayesian methods ...

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Details Statistical-Pattern-Recognition

Statistical Pattern Recognition Statistical pattern recognition relates to the use of statistical techniques for analysing data measurements in order to extract information and make justified decisions. It is a very active area of study and research ...

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Details New-Cambridge-Statistical-Tables

New Cambridge Statistical Tables This new edition has all the tables required for elementary statistical methods in the social, business and natural sciences. Full description

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Details A-Handbook-of-Statistical-Analyses-Using-SPSS

A Handbook of Statistical Analyses Using SPSS Shows how to conduct a range of univariate and multivariate statistical analysis using the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences, version 11. This title addresses various types of analytical ...

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Details Ethnic-Cultures-of-the-World-A-Statistical-Reference-Cross-cultural-Statistical-Encyclopedia-of-the-World-Band-3

Ethnic Cultures of the World This statistical reference is an examination of "borderless" markets where national boundaries are no longer the relevant criteria in making international marketing, economic planning and business decisions. Over 120,000 ...

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Details Prophet-in-a-Statistical-World

SAENS Prophet In A Statistical World CD

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Details Statistical-Modelling-for-Social-Researchers-Principles-and-Practice-Social-Research-Today

Statistical Modelling for Social Researchers Explains the principles and theory of statistical modelling for non-mathematical social scientists looking to apply statistical modelling techniques in research. This book offers guidance and instruction in ...

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Details Statistical-Methods-for-Six-Sigma-In-R-D-and-Manufacturing

Statistical Methods for Six Sigma A guide to achieving business successes through statistical methods Statistical methods are a key ingredient in providing data-based guidance to research and development as well as to manufacturing. Understanding the ...

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Details Statistical-Analysis-with-R-English-Edition

No Statistical Analysis with R Beginners Guide Read a customer review or write one .

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Details Selecting-Statistical-Techniques-for-Social-Science-Data-A-Guide-for-SAS-Users

Selecting Statistical Techniques for Social Science Data Take the guesswork out of selecting a statistical technique for social science data! This guide will help you select from the vast array of statistical techniques that can be applied in a ...

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Details Statistical-Image-Processing-and-Multidimensional-Modeling-Information-Science-and-Statistics

Statistical Image Processing and Multidimensional Modeling This book presents methods for solving multidimensional statistical problems. Covering both theory and applications, it emphasizes inverse problems, multidimensional modeling, random fields ...

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Details Inference-Control-in-Statistical-Databases-From-Theory-to-Practice-Lecture-Notes-in-Computer-Science-Band-2316

Inference Control in Statistical Databases Inference control in statistical databases is about finding tradeoffs between the need for accurate statistical data and the legal and ethical obligation to protect privacy of individuals and enterprises ...

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Details The-Statistical-Theory-of-Linear-Systems-Classics-in-Applied-Mathematics-Band-70

The Statistical Theory of Linear Systems An updated edition of a classic text treating the identification of noisy linear systems, interweaving structure theory and statistical analysis.

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Details Basic-Statistical-Methods-and-Models-for-the-Sciences

Basic Statistical Methods and Models for the Sciences Suitable for a first course for graduate students of medicine, biology, and other sciences, this title builds a practical foundation in the use of statistical tools and imparts an understanding of ...

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Details Statistical-Mechanics

Statistical Mechanics, 3e, is an indispensable tool for postgraduate students of science and engineering. Since the first edition published in 1972, Raj Pathria has provided an invaluable resource for the study of physical properties on the basis of ...

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Details The-Milky-Way-Galaxy-and-Statistical-Cosmology-1890-1924

PAUL, E. R. THE MILKY WAY GALAXY AND STATISTICAL COSMOLOGY, 1890-1924. CAMBRIDGE, 1993, xiv 262 p.,figuras. Encuadernacion original. Nuevo.

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Details Statistical-Implicative-Analysis-Theory-and-Applications-Studies-in-Computational-Intelligence-Band-127

Statistical Implicative Analysis Statistical implicative analysis is a data analysis method with a significant impact on a variety of areas ranging from pedagogical research to data mining. This volume collects significant research contributions from ...

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Details Design-for-Manufacturability-and-Statistical-Design-A-Constructive-Approach-Integrated-Circuits-and-Systems

Design for Manufacturability and Statistical Design Presents a comprehensive overview of methods that need to be mastered in understanding design for manufacturability and statistical design methodologies. Both paradigms operate within a common ...

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Details Mathematical-and-Statistical-Approaches-to-Aids-Epidemiology-Lecture-Notes-in-Biomathematics-Band-83

The 18 research articles of this volume discuss the major themes that have emerged from mathematical and statistical research in the epidemiology of HIV. The opening paper reviews important recent contributions. Five sections follow: Statistical ...

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Details Statistical-Physics-An-Entropic-Approach

A comprehensive, clear introduction into the basics of thermodynamics and statistical mechanics, that fits all undergraduate physics curricula. This unique approach to this key topic within the physics undergraduate curriculum bases everything on ...

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Details Principles-of-Statistical-Inference

In this definitive book, D. R. Cox gives a comprehensive and balanced appraisal of statistical inference. He develops the key concepts, describing and comparing the main ideas and controversies over foundational issues that have been keenly argued for ...